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To the Technology-Assisted Implementation of a Mobile Health Intervention for Serious Mental Illness study!

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About the FOCUS Program

This initiative is funded by the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) and is a collaboration between The University of Washington and community mental health centers in New Hampshire and Missouri.


It will implement the self-management smartphone application FOCUS in community mental health centers to evaluate strategies to integrate mHealth into real-world clinical practice.


Have a potential participant?

We are enrolling adults receiving care at one of the participating clinics in the study - 

  1. Places for People (St. Louis, MI)

  2. Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester (Manchester, NH)

  3. Community Partners (Dover, NH)

Participants must also have an iPhone or Android smartphone with active data plan or regular Wi-Fi access.


The intervention lasts 3 months, with an online questionnaire delivered to their phone at the beginning AND the end of the intervention.

Participants will be asked to check-in and interact with the FOCUS smartphone application daily during that period of time.

They will receive a $40 gift card for completing each round of questionnaires.



If you have an interested client, please fill out the form below -

Our Partners.


Places for People -

St. Louis, MI

Mental Health Center of Greater Manchester -

Manchester, NH


Community Partners -

Dover, NH


University of Washington -

Seattle, WA

Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute

BRiTE Center, UW Dept. of Psychiatry

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